Modular Flow Channel 5 m, Working Section 400x500 mm [Code: FMHE001]

Modular Flow Channel 5 m, Working Section 400x500 mm
Description & Specification:

Modular Flow Channel 5 m, Working Section 400x500 mm.
Modular Flow Channel 5 m, Working Section 400x500 mm Technical Description The modular flow channel 5m working section is a basic unit with a modular construction, which allows the study of flow behavior in a large number of experiments. The extensive accessories give researchers and instructors the opportunity to carry out experiments from all areas of hydromechanics. The measurement section of the basic unit is 5 m long. It can be extended by adding 2.5-m intermediate sections to reach a maximum length of 12.5 m. Important components of the basic unit are the specially designed inlet area which creates a homogeneous flow, a centrifugal pump for creating the water circuit, regulating flaps for adjusting the throughput quantity, a magnetic-inductive flow meter and a hand-operated slope adjustment which is used to compensate flow losses or to simulate a natural slope. Because the unit can be set up anywhere, its adaptability to specific local conditions is guaranteed. Once the flow channel has been filled it can be operated independent of the water network. The modular construction permits quick and easy assembly at the desired set-up location. The side panels are made of hardened glass to permit a virtually unobstructed view. The measurement section is provided with a guide rail for installing a measuring cart. The inlet, outlet and tanks are made of lightweight GRP to ensure a high degree of stability and a long service life. The separation of channel and support structure ensures the precise alignment of the operating area. The wide selection of accessories greatly enhances the usefulness of the basic unit. | 2020 © Copyright | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use