Model of Dissected Solids [Code: AME00166]

Model of Dissected Solids
Description & Specification:

Model of Dissected Solids.

Model of Dissected Solids The models are of about20x12 cm size, made of all metal and dissected in two parts. (a) Cube cut in two right angled triangles. (b) Sphere 10 cm diameter cut in two hemispheres. (c) Cylinder cut in two semi-cylinders. (d) Cone cut at an oblique angle. (e) Pyramid triangular cut in two parts. (f) Triangular Prism cut in two parts parallel to base. (g) Tetrahedron having each side 15 cm and cut in two parts parallel to base. (h) Parallelopiped dissectable in two triangular prisms. A set of eight models, the tow parts of which are joined with the help of higes. beautifully painted and the dissected facing surfaces are painted In red. | 2020 © Copyright | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use