Low cost In Circuit Emulator [Code: DT001]

Low cost In Circuit Emulator
Description & Specification:

Low cost In Circuit Emulator.

Low cost In Circuit Emulator FEATURES ·  Supports nearly all 8051 parts including: 8031/80C31, 87XXX,W78XXX,89XXX,97XXX ·  Runs under Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 ·  Full featured, real-time & transparent Emulation. ·  Full symbolic and source level debugger. ·  High level language support for C compilers. ·  Hybrid language and multi-module debugger. ·  Local, global and C-expression view. ·  Error locating in source code. ·  64K program & 64K external data memory. ·  64K real-time hardware breakpoints for program, data respectively. ·  Emulation speed up to 40 Mhz (internal crystal) and 33Mhz (target clock) ·  Software simulation available ·  Intel HEX and OMF file format supported. ·  Connected to PC via printer port

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