Industrial Centrifugal Pump [Code: FMT006]

Industrial Centrifugal Pump
Description & Specification:

Industrial Centrifugal Pump.
Industrial Centrifugal Pump Technical Description The Centrifugal Pump Test Rig is a mobile system with a closed water circuit that is intended both for training in vocational colleges and also for laboratory experiments in higher education. The system is equipped with a centrifugal pump and various transducers, e.g. the torque on the shaft of the speed-controlled pump motor is measured and indicated on the switch box, as is also the rotational speed, current and voltage. Manometers indicate the pressure on the intake and delivery side of the pump. The flow rate is measured using an electronic pressure sensor and a nozzle or orifice. In this way the system provides a whole host of measured data that permit students to perform experiments on the basic principles of a hydraulic circuit.

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