In Circuit Emulator 1 [Code: DT004]

In Circuit Emulator 1
Description & Specification:

In Circuit Emulator 1.
In Circuit Emulator 1 SPECIFICATION Emulation memory ·  128K bytes emulation memory (64K program, 64K data). ·  256 bytes mapping block ·  Mapping type: Internal, External, Write protect. Hardware Break-point ·  1 Hardware bus Break-point ·  Break-point conditions can be Address Bus, Data Bus, CPU status and 4 bits external triggers. ·  256 times passing counter ·  64K Hardware execution break-points can be set in ROM area. Real-time Trace ·  1 Hardware Trace point, it's the same as Hardware Break. ·  32 bits by 16K frames trace buffer with qualify trace capability ·  Support forward, backward and about trace mode. Emulation Target ·  CPU can be emulated: 80(C)51/52, 80(C)31/32, 87(C)51/52, 89(C)51/52/54/58. ·  Emulation speed : 40MHz (12MHz default internal Clock). Communication : Parallel interface. CPU interface : 40 pin DIP male socket.

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