Hydrodynamics Trainer / PC [Code: FM004]

Hydrodynamics Trainer / PC
Description & Specification:

Hydrodynamics Trainer / PC.
Hydrodynamics Trainer / PC Technical Description The trainer permits basic experiments on fluid mechanics. The experimental set-up is clearly laid out on a laboratory trolley. Due the use of a sealed water circuit, the trainer is particularly suitable for use in training and seminar rooms, and also lecture theaters. The system contains pressure and flow rate sensors that allow the values measured to be further processed on a PC. 6 different pipe sections and 8 components are used as measurement objects; of the 8 components, 5 represent components built into pipes, e.g. a membrane valve or dirt trap. 3 measurement objects are manufactured from Plexiglass and represent a venturi tube, a pitot tube, a metering orifice and a metering nozzle. With the PC data acquisition card and software included measured values can be displayed and evaluated on a PC.

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