Hydrodynamics Trainer [Code: FM002]

Hydrodynamics Trainer
Description & Specification:

Hydrodynamics Trainer.
Hydrodynamics Trainer Technical Description The hydrodynamic trainer permits basic experiments on fluid mechanics. The experiment is set up clearly on a mobile laboratory trolley. Thanks to the closed water circuit the test stand is especially well suited for use in seminars and lecture rooms. The system includes a variable-area flowmeter, an electronic differential pressure gauge and other pressure measuring devices. The objects to be measured are various pipelines and add-on parts, five of which represent different types of pipe installations (such as a membrane valve or dirt trap). In order to make the function of the unit visible, three of the objects are made of Plexiglas: they represent a Venturi tube, pitot tube and measuring orifice/nozzle. The measuring points and pressure gauges are connected with hoses and rapid action hose couplings.

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