High School Experiments Setup [Code: STE004]

High School Experiments Setup
Description & Specification:

High School Experiments Setup.
High School Experiments Setup 4ctric Effect Antenna Trainers,Magnet Bar, Ceramic Bell, Push Switch, Resistive Load Bank for Electronic Labs, 3 Phase Synchronous Machine for Electronic Labs, Bar Magnet Receiver Adapters Bend With Vent U Shape, Franck-Hertz Experiment for Physics Lab, Ionization Potential Set-Up Experiments, Planck's Constant Experiment, By LED's Variable DC Power Source (Power Distribution Panel) for Electronic Labs, 4 Bit Binary Decade Up Down Counter using IC 74192, Bio Safety Cabinets, DC Series Machine, Antenna Trainer, Barlow Wheel for Physics Lab, Induction Motor Single Phase Transformer for Electronic Labs, Magnet 8 bit multiplying Digital to Analog D to A Converter based on AD1408, Deflection Magnetometer Compass, Single Phase Transformer Lab for Electronic Labs, 3 Phase AC Squirrel Cage Induction Motor for Electronic Labs, AC Tachogenerator for Electronic Labs, Compass Capacitive Load Bank for Electronic Labs, Compass Plotting Receiver Adapter Inclined At An Angle Cylindrical Magnet for Physics Lab, Bar Magnet Alnico Electronic Labs, Laboratory Autoclave - Vertical Bell Electric for Physics Lab, 2-Input Digital Multiplexer Receiver Bend Vertical, BOD Incubator, Magnet Ball Ended Inductive Load Bank, Four Probe Setup Resistivity Mapping Experiments for Physics Lab, Physics Lab 1024 x 4 Bit Static Random Access Memory (2114), Motorised Antenna Unit, Plotting Compass Glass for Physics Lab, Electrical Safety Demonstration Trainer for Electronic Labs, 60 Hz Clock Pulse Generator, Using IC 5369 DC Series Machines for Electronic Labs Alnico,

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