Heat Exchanger Process Control System [Code: PCE0031]

Heat Exchanger Process Control System
Description & Specification:

Heat Exchanger Process Control System.
Heat Exchanger Process Control System                       Technical Description  This laboratory test stand is used to explain the basic terminology of control engineering based on the practical example of a heat transfer process. It comprises a complete system that is fitted with components commonly used in industry. Water is heated in a collector tank with an immersed heater and pumped in a circuit through a heat exchanger. The second circuit is operated by a circulating pump. Heat can be dissipated from this circuit by a cooler with an electrical fan. The universal controller actuates a pneumatic flow control valve in the heater circuit. It can be set to all common configurations. In addition, it is also possible to use the controller as a cascade control system controller. Software for the process visualisation Profibus card are available as an accessory.

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