Heat Conduction Trainer [Code: FT009]

Heat Conduction Trainer
Description & Specification:

Heat Conduction Trainer.
Heat Conduction Trainer Technical Description This unit is used to investigate steady-state and non-steady-state heat conduction processes. An interchangeable cylindrical specimen is fitted between a heat source and a heat sink. The specimen is prefitted with twelve thermocouples distributed along its length. The electrical heat source is controlled electronically. The heat sink is water-cooled. The temperatures of the heat source, cooling water and specimen are indicated. There are also displays for heater power and cooling water flow rate. The thermal conductivity can be calculated using the measured data. In addition, it is possible to transfer the measured data to a computer via a serial interface and display the data on the computer. The software is included. A temperature step can be generated by adjusting the flow of cooling water. With the aid of the PC the non-steady-state temperature distribution in the specimen can be displayed against position and time. A supply of cooling water is required.

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