Handy EPROM Copier [Code: HC001]

Handy EPROM Copier
Description & Specification:

Handy EPROM Copier.

Handy EPROM Copier FEATURES ·  Copying facility from MASTER TO SLAVE. ·  Can copy EPROM, EEPROM & FLASH MEMORY ·  User friendly menu driven software to avail facility to interface with PC. ·  16 x 2 LCD Display (backlit) ·  4 keys to perform Program, Verify, Blank Check, Lock, Erase, Checksum & Select. ·  Compact size. ·  Supply voltage : +9V, 600mA from battery emulator. ·  Device update possible throuth internet. DEVICE SUPPORT ·  Supports all the devices except Microcontrollers of SPROG-VXC.

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