Gear Pump Demonstrator [Code: FMTD007]

Gear Pump Demonstrator
Description & Specification:

Gear Pump Demonstrator.
Gear Pump Demonstrator Technical Description The demonstration unit enables the operating behaviour of a gear pump to be investigated. These pumps are particularly suitable for the generation of medium-high pressures at low flow rates. In practice this type of pump is predominantly used in oil-based hydraulics. The demonstration model consists of a system of pipes made of steel and a tank made of Plexiglass. Electronic sensors provide the flow rate, relevant pressures, the temperature of the pumped medium and the rotational speed of the drive motor as measured values. The pump output can be changed using a regulator valve. The following accessories are required for operation: an Interface Module , Data Acquisition Card with Software and Set of Connecting Cables . Using these accessories it is possible to take measurements, and process and store the measurements in a PC. | 2020 © Copyright | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use