Friction Slide Apparatus [Code: AMLI30]

Friction Slide Apparatus
Description & Specification:

Friction slide apparatus – it is very interesting to study the different law of friction with it comprising of a 75 x 15 cm wooden board and a frictionless pulley at one end a scale pan with the following accessories with weights.
(i) One set of three wooden carriages with different bottom surface (Wood glass and iron) 


(ii) One carriage with frictionless rollers

(iii) One set of three different surfaces for friction board –a glass plate, a plywood and felt cloth

(B) Normal Quality:

Simple type having a wooden board 75 x 15 cm. with glass surface, a frictionless pulley is fixed to one end, four sliding blocks of different area are provided to determine the force of friction, with scale pan but without weights.

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