Friction On An Inclined Steel Plane [Code: FT001]

Friction On An Inclined Steel Plane
Description & Specification:

Friction On An Inclined Steel Plane.
Friction On An Inclined Steel Plane                                 Features Low cost, effective teaching Self-contained Bench mounted 4 friction materials supplied as standard Other materials available Determination of coefficient of sliding and  static friction Three year warranty   Range of Experiments To determine the coefficient of friction under static and sliding conditions between various materials and steel To verify the angle of friction for the material To measure the force required to move a body up an inclined plane against gravity and friction   Description The 600mm stainless steel plane can be locked in any angular position between ±45°, indicated on a semi-circular protractor scale. Four slider trays are supplied having nylon, brass, aluminium and brake lining material bases. Each tray in turn is attached to a weight hanger and weights are added until the tray just begins to slide. The experiment may also be used as an exercise in equilibrium of forces, determining the force required to move the tray along the plane giving the coefficient of friction. This equipment is part of a range designed to both demonstrate and experimentally confirm basic engineering principles. Great care has been given to each item so as to provide wide experimental scope without unduly complicating or compromising the design. Each piece of apparatus is self-contained and compact. Setting up time is minimal, and all measurements are made with the simplest possible instrumentation, so that the student involvement is purely with the engineering principles being taught. A complete instruction manual is provided describing the apparatus, its application, experimental procedure and typical test results

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