Francis Turbine Demonstration Unit / PC [Code: FMT0014]

Francis Turbine Demonstration Unit / PC
Description & Specification:

Francis Turbine Demonstration Unit / PC.
Francis Turbine Demonstration Unit / PC Technical Description The function and operating behaviour of a Francis turbine can be investigated using . A transparent housing cover allows a clear view of the running turbine. The interaction of guide vanes, water flow and runner are clearly visible. The turbine power output is regulated by adjustable guide vanes. An adjustable DC generator with current converter as braking device is used as turbine load. The unit is fitted with electronic sensors to measure turbine speed, flow rate, pressure and braking torque. The values are directly indicated on digital displays and can be transferred for further processing to a PC. The demonstration unit includes a closed water circuit. It is possible to cool the water circuit via an integrated cooling coil in the supply tank if the water temperature is above 40°C

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