Flume For Open And Closed Flow [Code: FMHE005]

Flume For Open And Closed Flow
Description & Specification:

Flume For Open And Closed Flow.
Flume For Open And Closed Flow Technical Description The enables experiments to be performed on open and closed flumes. In the open flume the flow processes at various weir structures can be investigated. By means of straightforward reconfiguration, it is possible to create a closed flume. In this way basic experiments on pipe flow or on flow processes in a culvert can also be made on the unit. The integrated, height adjustable ramp can be used for both flumes: in the open channel it is used as a further underwater weir, while in the closed flume it causes a change in the flow cross-section and thus facilitates the investigation of different flow conditions. In this way a large range of experiments can be performed with a unit of straightforward design.

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