Fluid Friction in Pipes and Fittings [Code: FMFP003]

Fluid Friction in Pipes and Fittings
Description & Specification:

Fluid Friction in Pipes and Fittings.
Fluid Friction in Pipes and Fittings Technical Description The measuring system includes various measured sections that are clearly laid out on a demonstration panel. There are straight pipe sections made of different materials, and also measured sections with different elbows and bends, pipe fittings, and a range of measured objects. To make their function visible, the measured objects are made of transparent plastic. The pipework on the stand is made of corrosion resistant materials. The closed water circuit and the installation of the measuring system on a laboratory trolley make it flexible in use. A water meter and 2 flowmeters with different measuring ranges are included for comparative measurements. A battery-operated differential pressure gauge, a leaf spring manometer and a liquid-level manometer are provided for pressure measurements.

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