Flow Visualisation Table [Code: FM009]

Flow Visualisation Table
Description & Specification:

Flow Visualisation Table.
Flow Visualisation Table Technical Description On the unit, the behaviour of two dimensional flows can be investigated. In this case the water flows through a flat, horizontal flow chamber. The chamber is covered with a glass panel, this enables the flow lines to optimally observed. The flow around bodies is made visible by coloured flow lines. Different drag bodies, e.g. cylinder, a nozzle contour or a wing section are included with the unit. The flow lines are coloured by injecting ink. Using 8 additional holes in the chamber, flow sources and sinks can be simulated, in this way the analogy to potential field theory is demonstrated. The water flow rate and the amount of ink injected can be adjusted using regulator valves. The sources and sinks are also activated using valves. Only a supply of water and a drain are required for operation of the unit.

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