Flow Meters Demonstration Unit [Code: FM0080]

Description & Specification:

Flow Meters Demonstration Unit.
Flow Meters Demonstration Unit EXERCISES AND PRACTICAL POSSIBILITIES Some Practical Possibilities of the Unit: 1.- To demonstrate the important characteristics of fourteen types of flow meters used in the measurement of water flow through pipes or open channels. 2.- Comparing the use, application and limitations of different types of flowmeters. 3.- To study the application of Bernoulli’s Theorem. 4.-Understanding the principles on which various types of flow meters are based. 5.-Implications of performance, convenience, accuracy, head loss, etc. on flow meters selection. 6.-Effect of the air in the hydraulic stream on flow meter performance. 7.- To use manometers to measure pressure drop. 8.- Relating pressure drop across a flow meter to flow rate. 9.-Measure error determination using the venturimeter. 10.- Factor Cd determination in the venturi. 11.- Strangulation determination in the venturi. 12.-Measure error determination using the orifice plate. 13.- Factor Cd determination in the orifice plate. 14.- Effective area determination in the orifice plate. 15.-Measure error determination using the Pitot tube. 16.- Factor Cd determination in the Pitot tube. 17.- Measure error using the swinging flap meter. 18.- Measure error using the rotary piston meter. 19.- Measure error using the shunt gapmeter. 20.- Energy loss comparison in the different meters. 21.-Measure error using the helical rotary type flowmeter. 22.- Measure error using the inferential multistream type flowmeter. 23.- Broad crested weir. 24.- Crump weir. 25.- “H” flume. 26.- Washington flume

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