Electronics Lab Training Modules [Code: ETTM002]

Electronics Lab Training Modules
Description & Specification:

Electronics Lab Training Modules.
Electronics Lab Training Modules Diode Valve Characteristics Triode Valve Characteristics Tetrode/Pentode Valve Characteristics Lonization Potential of IGBT Characteristics Plank's Constant Apparatus Photo cell characteristics apparatus Work function of Diode(Richardson Law) Solar call characteristics apparatus Transistor Designer Kit(Discrete components Trainer) H'Paramater of PNP Transistor Transistor Characteristic SCR Characteristics apparatus FET Characteristics apparatus Microphone & loudspeaker characteristics Tunnel diodeV-l Characteristics PN Junction Diode Characteristics Voltage Stabilization Characteristics Zener diode V-l Characteristics Pn/zener diode /led Characteristics Energy band gap apparatus Energy band gap by four probe method Thermistor characteristics UJT characteristics apparatus & UJT as relaxation Oscillator Mosfet Characteristics Apparatus Chasracteristics & application of Basic thyristors (SCR, Diac,Traic, UJT) Characteristics & Application of semiconductors & thyristors (scr, Diac Traic, ujt mosfet, fet,bjt,diode & zener) Diac Characteristics Triac Characteristics Opto coupler characteristics LDR Characteristics LED Characteristics Opto Electronics devices characteristics (Led, LDR, Photo transistor & photo diode) Photodiode Characteristics Photo transistor characteriastics Measurement of peak, Average & RMS value of a AC signal Vetification of KCL & KVL Resistance in series ^Parallel Ohm,s law apparatus with power supply Charging & discharging of condenser Flashing & Quenching of neon bulb B.H. curve apparatus Conversion of Galvanometer into voltmeter & ammeter Voltage Doubler & tripler circuit LCR resonance apparatus LCR resonance apparatus with builitin sine wave oscillator LCR impedance apparatus RC circuit as low pass & High pass filters Study of AC fundamentals Clipping & clamping circuit apparatus Half Wave, Full Wave & Bridge rectifierv App. Voltage Regulation Using 1 317 Voltage regulation using 78 series viltage regulators Ripple Factor Apparatus e/m by Thomas method e/m by helical's method e/m by short solenoid method e/m by magnetic focusing method e/m milikan's Oil drop method

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