Educational Car Model [Code: AEM04]

Educational Car Model
Description & Specification:

Educational Car Model.
 The basic principles of operation of a car are clearly demonstrated by this convenient size open construction   model. The chassis is consisting of Front axle with wheels, Steering, Four cylinders Engine, Clutch, Gear Box, Differential, Rear axle with wheel brakes, radiator, Fuel tank, etc. Every part is sturdily built to ensure dependable, service. Pistons of. the engine move up and down, cam shaft connected by. gears opens all closes the in take and exhaust valves of each cylinder in proper sequence, Bulb flash to show instant firing, order. Complete on 45x90 cm base and with raxine cover.
(A) Educational Car Model : Handel Driven
(B) Educational Car Model: Motor Driven

 (fitted with F.H.P. 220 volts A.C, motor.)
(C) Show Case For Above :

Made of wooden frame with acrylic sheet fitted in it for easy visibility and protection from dust.

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