Digital Electronics Lab Training Modules [Code: ELTM001]

Digital Electronics Lab Training Modules
Description & Specification:

Digital Electronics Lab Training Modules.
Digital Electronics Lab Training Modules Logic gates using six ttlic's (6 in 1) Rt logic gates (5 in 1) Basic logic gate using discrete components (7 inl) Digital logic trainer (logic gates,booleon identities & demorgan's theorems) Verification of truth tables of logic gates using universal gates Circuit designer board Logic gate circuit trainer Pulse/clock generator using nand gate 4bif adder & subtractor circuits using 17483 Digital ful: adders & subtractors using nand gates Flip flops using nand gates & ttlic's 4bif counters (syncronous & asynchronous) 4 bit shift registers Encoder & decoder circuits 16 to7 line multiplexer & 1 to! 6 line demultiplexer 4/8 to 1 line multiplexer 4/8 to 1 line demultiplexer Ram circuit using 17489 Parity generator/checker 4/8 bit analog digital converter 4/8 bit digital to analog converter Transfer characteristics of ttl and ttl schmit trigger inverter Ttl-cmos,cmos-ttl interfacing Arithmatic/logic unit (alu) l 1 Characteristics apparatus Cmos 1 " characteristics apparatus Basic communication lab training modules Transfer charateristics of ttl and ttl schmit triggerinverter Cmos,cmos-ttl interfacing Arithmatic/logic unit (alu) Ttl Characteristics apparatus Cmos Characteristics apparatus

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