Digital Direct/ Residual / Shear Apparatus [Code: STE003]

Digital Direct/ Residual / Shear Apparatus
Description & Specification:

Digital Direct/ Residual / Shear Apparatus.
Digital Direct/ Residual / Shear Apparatus Used to determine the resistance to shearing of all types of soil specimens both consolidated and drained, undisturbed or remoulded samples. The machine can accommodate specimens dia. 60, 100 mm, and square 60x60, 100x100 mm. The apparatus is equipped with a control closed loop motor with epicycloid reducers. At the beginning of each test, the machine performs an automatic and complete internal check, a position reset with the elimination of all possible positioning errors and all pauses. The input of all the test patterns is achieved by the interaction of the keyboard and the alphanumeric display with self-memory, thus granting infinitesimal resolutions in short times. All data are input and stored when the machine is in stand-by, without affecting the specimen under test with quick machine setting. Possibility to fix maximum excursion of the shear box, so as to interrupt automatically the test. It is possible to input a different return speed (residual shear) in relation to the one used for the shear test, thus allowing a quick playback to select the residual shear test, saving a lot of time. For determining the direct shear strength of soils on specimen size 60mm x 60mm x 25mm Features :RS 232 output for connection to PC Display of both speed and displacement with 0.00001 mm resolution Shear speed between 0.00001 to 9.99999 mm/minute Max shear effort: 5000 N possible on the whole speed range Possibility of direct vertical load, or with a lever arm ratio 10:1Max vertical direct load: 500N; with lever arm: 5500NDisplay and pilot lamps to signal any bad functioning and alarms Box group mounted on ball track with high quality anti friction system Read value results are immediate and of extreme accuracy Extremely easy and practical use, not requiring qualified staff.Shear box, hollow punch and tamper are not included in the standard supply and have to be ordered separately Power supply: 230 V A.C. Single Phase 50Hz.

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