Computer Controlled Water Tunnel [Code: FM00116]

Computer Controlled Water Tunnel
Description & Specification:

Computer Controlled Water Tunnel.
Computer Controlled Water Tunnel DESCRIPTION Water tunnel of 500*500mm, principal characteristics: * Adequate Size for flow visualizations on standard models of planes. * Useful for teaching and development projects. * Top quality vein, uniformity and low turbulence level. * Low operation and maintenance cost.  SPECIFICATIONS  *The water tunnel of 500*500 mm, of low turbulence level, is specifically designed for carrying out visualization tests on threedimensional models, though, of course, they can also be used on two-dimensional models. *As it is a closed circuit, it operates continuously and uses the same water, although it may be necessary to renew it once it has lost its transparency due to the use of colorings. However, if the technique of the hydrogen bubble is used as tracer this problem can also be avoided. *Its dimensions and low operating costs make it suitable for teaching as well as for research or industrial use. Assorted systems for registering images and taking measurements can be incorporated when necessary.

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