Computer Controlled Axial Fan Teaching Trainer [Code: FM00103]

Computer Controlled Axial Fan Teaching Trainer
Description & Specification:

Computer Controlled Axial Fan Teaching Trainer.
Computer Controlled Axial Fan Teaching Trainer EXERCISES AND PRACTICAL POSSIBILITIES Some Practical Possibilities of the Unit: 1.Measurement of overall efficiency and estimation of impeller power efficiency. 2.Measurement of performance at constant speeds. 3.Study of the axial fan regulation varying its turning speed. 4.Measurement of inherent-speed machine performance in terms static and total pressure, rotor speed and motor input power, as an inlet flow function. 5.Introduction to similarity laws for scale-up. 6.Obtaining of the characteristic curves of an axial fan. 7.Calculation of the Flow on a Hole Plate.. 8. Calculation of the Flow through a Symmetrical Seal. Test with an Outlet Duct and a Nozzle. 9.Calculation of the Fan Output. 10.Introduction to the Scaling Similitude Law. 11.Flow calculation through a measurement of the static, dynamic and total pressure.. 12.Typical curve calculation of a fan with a constant turning speed depending on the flow used by the symmetrical seal.

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