Centrifugal Pump Demonstrator [Code: FMTD004]

Centrifugal Pump Demonstrator
Description & Specification:

Centrifugal Pump Demonstrator.
Centrifugal Pump Demonstrator  Technical Description The centrifugal pump demonstration unit / PC is designed for instructional and experimental use at vocational schools, special colleges and universities. The model is part of a series of units that permit experiments to fluid-flow machines. The unit is set up on a stable base plate and includes a pump, tank, all required fittings and recording devices for flow rate, temperature, pump speed, intake and conveying pressure. The signals can be digitised and transferred to a PC via a data acquisition card. The following accessories are required for operation: interface module , data acquisition card with software  and set of connecting cable . The power meter  is a practical way to expand the unit, as it enables the user to determine the efficiency rate of the pump.

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