Centrifugal Compressor Demonstrator [Code: FMTD003]

Centrifugal Compressor Demonstrator
Description & Specification:

Centrifugal Compressor Demonstrator.
Centrifugal Compressor Demonstrator Technical Description    The Centrifugal Compressor is part of an equipment series for the investigation of fluid-flow machines. The arrangement, fitted to a sturdy base plate, contains the compressor with intake and delivery tube, as well as transducers for air volumetric flow rate, temperature, fan speed, intake and delivery pressure. The voltage signals sent by the transducers are digitised with the data acquisition card (available as accessory). The associated software permits further processing on a PC. The following accessories are required for operation: an Interface Module , Data Acquisition Card with Software  and Set of Connecting Cables . This layout makes it possible to record measured values during the experiments, and process and store this data on a PC. A Power Meter facilitates the determination of efficiencies.

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