Brake Unit 75kW for 4 Cylinder Engines [Code: ICE0014]

Brake Unit 75kW for 4 Cylinder Engines
Description & Specification:

Brake Unit 75kW for 4 Cylinder Engines.
Brake Unit 75kW for 4 Cylinder Engines Setting up a power test stand for internal combustion engines with a power output of up to 75kW requires two main components: The control and load mechanism and a choice of test engine: petrol engine or diesel engine. The engine to be investigated is connected to the using a coupling with a jointed shaft. The main function to provide the required braking power, which is generated by an air-cooled eddy current brake. The braking torque can be precisely adjusted using the exciting current. It is measured indirectly using a force transducer. For this purpose, the entire brake system is mounted in floating bearings. On the base frame there is a quietening vessel with an intake air duct for the combustion air. The quantity of air taken in is measured in the duct. The rotating control cabinet contains digital displays for speed, torque, volumetric flow of the intake air and temperatures (exhaust gas, oil, cooling water - inlet and outlet - fuel, intake air). Data is transmitted between the brake unit and the engine via a data cable, which connects the control cabinets for the two units. All measuring signals are present in electrical form and can be stored and processed using the PC data acquisition function supplied. Data is transmitted to the PC using a USB interface. In addition to the standard safety features (e.g. oil pressure, temperature limiter), the brake unit contains a limit switch to monitor whether the brake and the engine are correctly connected

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