Boiler Heating Batching Process Control System [Code: PCE0030]

Boiler Heating Batching Process Control System
Description & Specification:

Boiler Heating Batching Process Control System.
Boiler Heating Batching Process Control System       Technical Description This complete and comprehensively equipped laboratory test stand offers numerous possible experiments from the areas of process control. It contains a total of four different control loops with local digital, industrial controllers. In addition, it is also possible to realise two cascade control systems. A further controller is provided for cascade control. The controllers can be configured independently of each other as required and can be operated both individually and simultaneously. They all have serial interfaces. The experimental section is formed by a closed water circuit. Water is pumped from a supply tank through a pipe system by a 1.1 kW centrifugal pump. A pneumatically actuated control valve included in this circuit makes allows to change the flow rate and thus to control the circuit. The level can be controlled in two stainless steel tanks of differing capacity. For this purpose a bypass mounted on the tank feed is controlled by a further pneumatic valve. The two tanks can be connected together to change the characteristic of the control loop. An electronically adjustable 7.5 kW heater enables to heat the water as part of a temperature control system. During overheating, a siren and an alarm lamp will be activated. The system water in the circuit can be cooled by a heat exchanger. Fresh water from an external water supply is used as cooling liquid. The pressure control system uses external compressed air at one of the two tanks. The test stand is built using only industrial standard components to increase its relevance to practice. The support made of steel tubes is fitted with laboratory castors and can thus be easily moved around. Software for the process visualisation and Profibus card are available as an accessory. | 2020 © Copyright | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use