Basic Hydraulics Bench / Gravimetric [Code: FM0014]

Basic Hydraulics Bench / Gravimetric
Description & Specification:

Basic Hydraulics Bench / Gravimetric.
Basic Hydraulics Bench / Gravimetric Technical Description The base module forms the basis for a wide range of experiments on fluid mechanics.  To ensure a safe stand of the experimental set-ups, the work space is provided with a stepped edge. The first part of the work space is in form of a flow channel. Therefore, experiments with weirs are possible. The collecting tank is used for a gravimetric flow rate measurement. A measuring tank is placed below the collecting tank. The weight of the measuring tank is recorded by strain gauge load cells and is digitally displayed at the switch box.  The work space including the measuring tank and supply tank are made of reinforced fibreglass. Piping is made of PVC. The components are corrosion-free, shock-resistant difficult to deform. The supply tank includes a pump. The bench is independent from a water supply because of the closed water circuit.

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