Axial-Flow Reaction Turbine Demonstrator [Code: FMTD008]

Axial-Flow Reaction Turbine Demonstrator
Description & Specification:

Axial-Flow Reaction Turbine Demonstrator.
Axial-Flow Reaction Turbine Demonstrator Technical Description The  axial turbine represents a model of a reaction stage as found in gas and steam turbines. The model can be completely independently operated, as it is provided complete with a supply tank, pipework, pump and instrumentation on a laboratory trolley. The flow rate in the sealed water circuit is determined using a differential pressure measurement at a measuring orifice and can be adjusted using a ball-cock. The moment present on the turbine shaft is measured using a dynamometric brake with an electronic force sensor. In addition, the turbine speed is measured using an inductive proximity switch. The following accessories are required for operation: an Interface Module, Data Acquisition Card with Software and Set of Connecting Cables . Using these accessories it is possible to take measurements, and process and store the measurements on a PC. | 2020 © Copyright | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use