Axial-Flow Fan Demonstrator [Code: FMTD002]

Axial-Flow Fan Demonstrator
Description & Specification:

Axial-Flow Fan Demonstrator.
Axial-Flow Fan Demonstrator                                         Technical Description The Axial Fan is a demonstration unit for training and experiments in training colleges, as well as in higher education. The arrangement, mounted on a strong base plate, contains the fan with transparent suction and delivery tube, as well as various measurement transducers. Air flow rate, air temperature, the pressure before and after the fan, and the speed of the fan are put out as signals that can be processed on a PC. The following accessories are required for operation: an Interface Module  , Data Acquisition Card with Software and a Set of Connecting Cables. This layout makes it possible to record measured values during the experiments, and process and store this data on a PC. The Power Meter  is a useful supplement because it allows determination of efficiency.

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