8086 Microprocessor Training Kit [Code: MML0016]

8086 Microprocessor Training Kit
Description & Specification:

8086 Microprocessor Training Kit.
8086 Microprocessor Training Kit 8086 Microprocessor Training Kit With LCD Display A/d, D/a & In-built Power Supply Based on Intel's 8086/8088 CPU operating at 2.5/5MHz.  32K bytes of RAM available to the user  32K bytes of EPROM loaded with powerful monitor program(2764/27128).  Total on board memory capacity of 256K bytes of RAM and 256 K bytes of EPROM.  Battery backup provided for RAM area.  72 I/O lines through three nos. of 8255.  16 bit Timer/Counter through 8253.  RS-232C for CRT Terminal through 8251 Baud rate selection through DIP switch from 110-19,200 baud.  Real Time Clock (optional)  20x2 Liquid Crystal Display.  Parallel Printer interface with disassembler listing  Analog to Digital converter  Digital to Analog converter  Supports MASM (Macro Assembler)  Resident Monitor with two modes of operation: - Keyboard mode & Serial mode Resident Monitor with two modes of operation: - Keyboard mode & Serial mode  Powerful software commands like GO, EXAMINE/MODIFY REGISTERS, SINGLE STEPPING, BLOCK MOVE, FILL, INSERT, DELETE, INPUT/OUTPUT BYTE & WORD.  Facility for uploading/downloading of files from/to PC.  All Address, Data and Control Signals, are buffered and available at the FRC connector.  In-built Power Supply  User's Manual.

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