8051 Microcontroller Training Kit Cum Emulator [Code: MML0021]

8051 Microcontroller Training Kit Cum Emulator
Description & Specification:

8051 Microcontroller Training Kit Cum Emulator.
8051 Microcontroller Training Kit Cum Emulator Based on 8031/8051 microcontroller operating at 10/12Mhz clock frequency  VMC-ICE 31/51P comprises of four components viz., a) Microcontroller Kit b) In-circuit Emulator c) MBUG Symbolic Debugger d) MBUG Cross Assembler  8K Emulation Memory expandable upto 48K.  Onboard battery backup for 8K emulation memory  8K byte of EPROM loaded with powerful monitor program  48 I/O lines using 2 nos. of 8255.  16 bit timer/counter using 8253.  32 keys keyboard and Six Digit Seven Segment display.  8 LEDs for displaying contents of registers and two LEDs for current emulation memory  8 channel 8 bit A/D Converter using ADC 0809.  Single channel D/A Converter using DAC 0800.  40 pin Header with cable for connecting the target system.  RS232 port for serial communication with IBM-PC/XT/AT.  Powerful Software commands like Break- point, Single Stepping, Trace, Go, Print, Fill, Display, Compare, Scalar, Auto, Match, Non-match, Origin, Memory Zoom, Select Emulate, Com  Uploading & Downloading of files from/to PC.  Onboard assembler/disassembler.  In-built Power Supply  User's Manual.

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